I have always had great interest in the arts and that is why I chose Graphic Design as my major in school. After earning my degree from University of Maryland at Baltimore, i worked freelance for a few years but slowly and gradually photography became my main area of interest. Watching my two boys grow from infancy made me realize how important it is to capture not only the milestones but the every day things that shape their personalities.

As a photographer I believe in capturing candid moments with the fullest of life, emotions and artistic fervor so that the photographs are natural, original, artistic and different from the rest.

While working with my clients I try to know them on a personal level to ensure that their treasured moments are captured, not just for today but for generations to come.

Producing a successful picture also requires choosing the right cameras and other photographic enhancing tools. I use a Digital SLR camera and various lenses to produce desired levels of detail at various distances from the subject. I edit my images with Photoshop to enhance the subject's appearance and to add glamor.

I am Michigan-based but open to travel.